Collaborating with Dave Windisch of Mile 44

Dave Windisch

Dave Windisch

This past summer Upland Brew Co reached out to a few artists to see if any of us would be interested in doing two-person shows this fall.  After several emails, I spoke up expressing interest to work with Dave Windisch of Mile 44.  I have 3 of Dave’s pieces in my personal collection and have given some as gifts in the past so I really wanted to work with him.  Dave confirmed that he was interested too so we booked the show.

About 4 weeks before the show Dave came over to my studio to brainstorm ideas.  After discussing we came up with a couple of ideas.  Dave is a screen printer so we thought a few series of different prints would be appropriate.  I sent him home with some Twinrocker watercolor paper so we could test compatibility.  It worked!  So he created 4 different water monsters that we printed a series of 7 each and I hand painted each one differently.  Dave then created 2 larger landscapes and I painted those as well.

Dave hanging the show at the Upland Propaganda Room in Fountain Square at the Murphy Art Center.

This was the only series in the show that was a bit different.  For this piece, Dave took a scan of one of my favorite drawings of mine and recreated it in a 4 (or 5?) color screen print.  It turned out phenomenal and my favorite part is he used a couple of colors that glow in the dark. It was awesome seeing this piece come to life. I was honored to work with Dave on this show and I had a ton of fun getting to know him better through the creating process.

We have sold quite a bit of work from the show but we do have a few pieces currently for sale here.