Studio Art Collection

Justins art studio.JPG

I have become an active art collector with over 100 original pieces on display on the walls of my studio.  My collections breaks down in 4 major categories: Historical Indiana Artists, Regionalists, Living Artists, Artists I’ve Plein Air Painted With.

Some Highlights:

Historical Indiana Artists:
George Jo Mess
Evelynne Mess
Edwin Fulwider
John Elwood Bundy
Edmund Brucker
Adolph Shulz
John Rogers Cox
Kenneth Reeve
Harry A Davis
Anothony Butcha
Creston Stokes
Frederick Polley
Frances Norris Streit
Harry Bobbe
Francis Focer Brown
Ella Fillmore Lillie
Theodore P. Heinemann
Royal Hill Milleson
William Eyden Jr.

Bernard Steffen
Z. Vanessa Helder
Sam Thal
Georges Schreiber
Unknown/Anonymous (See beautiful drawing of the Wilson Dam below)

Other Historical Artists:
Larue Perene Shaver
Colin Campbell Cooper

Living Artists:
Bryan Mark Taylor
Josh Clare
Scott Prior
Robert Kipness
Dennis Doyle
Christopher Burk
Edward Sprafkin
Danny Griego
Tad Retz
Justin Pastores
Jason Skyle Conn
Sarah Sedwick
Jerry Smith
Terry Armstrong
Zach Medler
Jason Rowland
Cindy Thornton
Emma Overman
Quincy Owens
William Denton Ray
Mike Altman
Gabriel Lehman
Taylor Mazer
Pam Newell
Rick Wilson
Aaron Cordell Johnson
Homeless Cop
Julie Beck
Jeremy Duncan
Mike Hernandez
Alison Berry
Charity Anderson

Artists I Paint With:
Shawn Krueger
Sean Witucki
Larry Rudolech
Benny Sanders
Johnny Mckee
Kyle Ragsdale
Jed Dorsey
Josh Rush
Alicia Zanoni
Jessica Green
Nathan Foxton
Dan Thompson
Donna Short
Caleb Stoltzfus
Mary Ann Davis
Roy Boswell
Stephanie Paige Thomson
Wyatt LeGrand
David Seward
Mark Vander Vinne

George Jo Mess aquatints are my absolute favorite and I am always seeking to add more to my collection.  My ultimate bucket list piece is his “Highway Number 7” so if you have this piece hanging on your walls and you are open to selling it, please reach out!