My Plein Air Setup & Supplies

Standard Plein Air Supplies:

  • Rembrandt Oils:

    • 118 Titanium White

    • 208 Cad Yellow Light

    • 227 Yellow Ochre

    • 377 Perm Red Medium

    • 342 Brown Madder Deep

    • 534 Cerulean

    • 506 Ultramarine Deep

    • 409 Burnt Umber

    • 411 Burnt Sienna

    • Plein Air Easel, My Custom made “Normand Box”

    • Tripod: SIRUI T-005X Ultra Compact Aluminum Alloy Tripod

    • Custom made Wet Panel Box, Holds six 9 x 12” panels

    • Double Palette Cup

    • Turpentine

    • Galkyd or Stand Oil

    • Brushes:Royal & Langnickel SUPREME Natural Chunking Bristle Filbert Size L1AT-4, & L1AT-10, Royal & Langnickel 1” Soft Mop, #2 R&L Majestic Small Taklon Round. I also use the Royal & Langnickel zip up brush case for protection.

    • Royal & Langnickel P-4 Palette Knife

    • Rags

    • Backpack - Black Diamond 45L S Ski Pack - I originally had a smaller pack but this one allows for extra items such as water bottles, bug spray, sunscreen, etc..


The Normand Box


My "Normand Box" set up in the larger pack and my second set up, the "Ragsdale Box" for anyone that wants to come out and paint with me in the smaller bag.


Wet Panel Box