Custom Murals in Miami


I recently flew down to Miami to do some murals in the new offices at Protis Global.  I have a long history with Protis, which was formerly based in Indianapolis, and it was so much fun to be back in their offices.  In late 2010, I got a call from the CEO of Protis, Bert Miller, asking if I had any interest in joining his team.  Long story short, I took that job and learned sooo much about data driven sales.  To this day, I drive my business forward using skills I learned at Protis, so when they called, I was excited for the opportunity.

This scene is an homage to Bert & Laura Miller's time in Indianapolis, including all sorts of symbols that have specific connections to their history with Indy.  The deeper I got into this piece, the more excited I got. It was really fun to return to my "old" style and let loose with the design.


Below is the second piece I did which is inspired by a sunrise that Laura took from their condo overlooking the Atlantic.


Above is a piece Bert and Laura bought in 2011 that is inspired by Indy.


This is a "doodle" that I made in some random meeting while I was working at Protis and was created around a quote by Bert that stuck with me.  In 2012, I eventually turned this doodle into a larger, more refined acrylic painting that is seen below.