The Art of Season 2 of HGTV's Good Bones

As many of you know, I was fortunate enough to have artwork featured on several episodes of this season of HGTV's Good Bones.  Since the first episode with my artwork in it aired, I have fielded all sorts of questions from my friends and family, but the most common one has been about specific pieces by other artists in the homes.  This season, Good Bones has featured many artists but there are a few that they have used quite a bit.  On Karen & Mina's site, they have done a great job of breaking down & crediting all the staging episode by episode, room by room, but I thought it would be helpful to have a post that is specifically focused on who the local artists they use most actually are. Beth Clary Schwier - They used Beth's artwork a ton on this season, I wouldn't be surprised if she had at least one piece in every single episode.  With a studio at the Stutz in Downtown Indy, Beth is fairly new at painting full-time but has come on to the local scene hard with high energy and a passion for learning. Season 3 is already filming and I wouldn't be surprised at all if you see more of Beth's work next season.

How to Identify Beth's work on TV:  Beth has had so much work on this season that odds are if you can norrow out Kyle, Jed, & Douglas, its probably hers.  She works in a very impressionistic style and many of her paintings are framed with this really cool thin metal frame.  Beth has also custom made a lot of the abstract paintings in this staging for this season.

Kyle Ragsdale - For those who don't know, Kyle's studio is right across the hall from me at the Harrison Center for the Arts and we have become very good friends over the years.  When I first met Kyle, we painted VERY different.  But as I have evolved over the years he has to be the single most influential person helping me along this journey.  Kyle is an exceptional painter and you often hear the joke that you cannot walk into a house in the city without seeing one of his paintings.  He is super prolific and paints almost every single day.  I often spend my breaks sitting in his studio watching him paint.  My wife and I own 7 of Kyle's paintings now including (in my opinoin) his best painting of 2015 and a custom card I had him create for my wife & I's first anniversary.

How to Identify Kyle's work on TV: Kyle's paintings are unframed, 1 1/2" deep gallery wrapped canvases.  His work usually are figures in landscape and he works in a very loose, big brush, broad brushstroke application.  Most of his subjects are recognizable but simplified and abstracted.

Jed Dorsey - Jed is another really good friend of mine and other Harrison Center Artist.  A Pacific Northwest native, Jed comes from a family of artists, but has been in Indiana for a few years now.  He has a high level of energy and a little over a year ago made the leap to creating full time.   It has been so much fun to watch his success continue to grow as he figures out this new & challenging careeer.  Jed and I often paint outside together and my wife and I own 3 of his pieces.  Jed's pieces on the show are usually unframed, 1 1/2" deep gallery wrapped canvases.

How to Identify Jed's work on TV: Jed is a landscape painter and his work work is tends to have brighter colors, dynamic light, and although up close his brush work becomes abstracted, its much tighter and controlled as compared to Beth's & Kyle's work.

Douglas David - I first met Douglas David when he was hanging his solo show at the Harrison Center and we immediately connected discussing the business side of creating.   Studying under the American Master, Frank Mason, Douglas is an award winning artist with a really rich history of success.  Most recently he was placing artwork in the Vice Presidents home in Washington D.C.  Not only is he super successful, but he is humble and eager to help a new generation of artists.  Vouching for me, he helped me secure a solid gallery show recently, for which I am very grateful.

How to Identify Douglas's work on TV: Douglas is a traditional painter creating landscapes but on TV his still life's really command attention.  You can easily recognize Douglas's work throughout the episodes by his very consistent framing.

Justin Vining (Me) - I have had work in 4 of this seasons episodes with one in particular having 42 of my pieces staged in one house (Season 2, Episode 7, Eyesore Overhaul).  My wife, Halie and I, were on Season 2, Episode 11, "Small House, Big Problems" walking through at the end as potential buyers.  We did not buy the house but loved it!!

How to Identify my work on TV:  Most of my work from this season were framed traditional plein air paintings and can be seen on Episodes 7, 8, 12, & 13

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